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resume and press kit (biography)

Mason Victoria is a Toronto-based sound designer and composer for games and film. As an accomplished music technologist, Mason blends his unique jazz vocabulary with his newfound appreciation for audio design and sound manipulation. Mason currently serves as the Lead Audio Designer at Disruptive games and teaches Game Audio Implementation, Sound Design, and Music Production as a Sessional Lecturer at the University of Toronto.

Outside of Mason’s game audio work, he has been described as “…an emerging writer with a solid grasp of the craft of composition and a story to tell…” (Scott Reeves, Director of Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra). Through his studies in trumpet performance at Humber College, Mason found his passion in composition which led to the creation of the Sonuskapos Jazz Orchestra (SSJO), a 21-piece contemporary jazz orchestra featuring Mason's original works. Mason's music went on to be performed in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Calgary and Japan. As a performer, Mason has played alongside acclaimed artists such as AJ Rafael and bbno$ at the JUNO awards.

Mason also served as the Head of Education and Outreach and Composer at Spectrum Music. Through Spectrum, he has produced concerts such as "Sound Escapes" and "Coding Chaos", which involved the use of an Artificial Intelligence performing alongside an electric jazz trio including JUNO-award winning artist Larnell Lewis, Bruce Cassidy and Chris Pruden. Mason has received various accolades, including the 2021 University of Toronto Graduating Award, the 2018 MARTY award for Emerging Solo Instrumental Artist, the 2018 Ron Lenyk Inspiring Youth Arts Award, the 2017 Duke Ellington Composer Award, and the 2016 Dave Stillwell Arranging Award.

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