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Borf Clorgman has only had one dream: to work on the greatest space station in the universe, the Enternational Multiverse Station. The chance has finally come as the first available position in centuries has opened up - space intern. Follow Borf’s hilarious and charming story as you guide them through various tasks and storylines in order to prove that they are worthy of staying on this vast and quirky space station. Do you have what it takes to achieve your dreams? 

This game was solo-developed by me for Virtual Reality using Unity, FMOD and Google Resonance. Being my first venture into game development without any support, it was an incredibly daunting task to be able to complete this project in 12 weeks, however, I'm extremely proud of the outcome.


AN EXPERIENCE OUT OF THIS WORLD: Explore the space-tious and charming environment of the Enternational Multiverse Station as Borf Clorgman in Virtual Reality. Immerse yourself in the world with realistic interactions that will help guide you to success. 


LET YOUR EARS GUIDE YOU: Listen closely for auditory cues to help solve cryptic tasks on your first day on the job. Experience audio-based puzzles that explore creative ways to use your ears. 


A STORY TO BE TOLD: The Enternational Multiverse Station is not only known as one of the most prestigeous places to work, but it is also known as the most secretive. What secrets will you uncover as you get closer to your collegues in the EMS?

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